Our Story

The original poke bowl, invented in Hawaii, came to Hunt Valley, Maryland in 2016 to be the first Poke restaurant. In the next two years, seven stores have been opened in Maryland. The fresh and healthy foods were loved by the locals. This was thanks to our founder, John, who created unique sauces like Ginger Hawaii sauce, Sweet Chili Aloha and House sauce, that is mixed with sashimi to produce a fresh and appealing taste. These sauces are combined with green onions, sesame, minced ginger and fresh salad. In our Poke bowl, we hope people enjoy delicious and nourishing foods. The founder of poke bowl has 25 years of Japanese cuisine experience and 6 years of poke bowl experience. From here and onwards, our market is beginning to promote Poke cuisine across the United States. This convenient, healthy, and casual food will bring deep appeal to food lovers.